Responsible Gaming

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Responsible Gaming is at the heart of what we do at SkyCity Online Casino. Now that the festive cheer and celebrations have started, we wish to take a moment to remind you to keep the fun in the game.

We work hard to maintain a safe environment for our players. Playing online should be a fun and entertaining experience. But sometimes you might find yourself spending more money and time than you had originally planned.

There are a number of tools to help you stay safe and also stay within your pre-set limits when playing online. These limits are the player’s primary tools for staying in control of their gambling and spending. 

Whether you are spending the holidays with family and friends or remaining socially distanced, the festive season is a time for celebrating. Make sure to play it safe and keep the fun in gaming.

To this end, let us go through all the options available.


Reality Check

Before you start playing online, set a reality check for as long as you wish (15 mins, 30 mins, 60mins or none). A push notification is prompted on your screen whilst playing at SkyCity Online Casino as per the set time.

Please note that a Reality Check will only show you how long you have been playing and your net position for that period. It will not force you to log off, but rather remind you to use your best judgement.

Play Responsibly

Play Responsibly and Set a Limit


Deposit Limit

Here you can set a deposit limit for a set period of time (24 hours, 1 week or 1 month). When this limit is reached you will not be able to make future deposits for the chosen period of time. 

Session Limit

This tool helps you set a time limit for your session, this can be set for as little as 30 mins per day. You will be automatically logged out for the day when this time limit is up. You can log back in once again after 24 hours.

Net loss limit

In this case, you can set the value of the net losses you can make. This is based on bets less the wins during a certain period (24 hours, 1 week or 1 month). When you reach this sum, you will not be able to place any new bets until your limit has reset.

Wager limit

Limit the total amount you can wager during a certain period of time (24 hours, 1 week or 1 month). When you reach this sum, you will not be able to place any new bets until your limit has reset.



If you feel that the above limitations are not enough for you at this point in time, then you may wish to choose the Time-out option. If at any point in time you suspect that you might be playing a tad too much, the Time-out option acts as a blanket restriction. This is because it gives you the space and distance you need to evaluate your behaviour. The Time-out period can be set for 24 hours, three days, one week or one month. 

Please note that you will not be able to log into your account during the Time-out period. Once the Time-out period is up, your account will be automatically unlocked and fully accessible once again.



Being responsible means that you know when to say stop. If you feel that gambling is affecting your way of life, or getting in the way of your life and the above tools were not enough then we recommend that you self-exclude for as long as you deem best.

Self-exclusions are for a minimum of six months and they can also be a permanent self-exclusion. 

Once your self-exclusion period has ended, your account will still remain closed unless you get in touch with us to re-open it. When you get in touch with us and our team confirms the reactivation of your account, a 24 hours “cool off” period is initiated. This is done in order for you to be sure about your decision to reactivate your account. 


Tops Tips for Playing Online

  • Online Casinos are a form of entertainment.
  • Before you start playing online, set limits for yourself and stick to them.
  • Never chase your losses, but rather assess whether you should call it a day.
  • Remember that playing online is about luck and not skill.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming at SkyCity Online Casino

Keep in mind that there is always an element of risk when playing at an Online Casino. Luck plays an important role when betting online and skill does not necessarily change your odds at winning. This is why it is important to set limits for yourself so that you will not get in the habit of betting money that you cannot afford to risk. Playing at an online casino is a form of entertainment and should never be considered as a way of generating income.

If you feel that you are experiencing signs of a gambling problem, please remember that you are not alone. The Salvation Army Oasis has a holistic team of qualified professionals to support people with gambling-related problems as well as their whanau, family and others affected.

Our friendly team is available around to clock to answer any questions you might have on staying safe and setting limits for yourself. Just click on the live chat button on the navigation bar of our website.

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