What do you know about the SkyCity Auckland Tower?

Nov 17, 2020 | About

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When you find yourself in Auckland, it’s hard to miss the shining beacon that is the famous SkyCity Tower. You’ve seen it countless times, but how much do you actually know about this bright monument?


It’s height is one of the most remarkable things about it. Standing 328 meters tall, it’s the heart of the SkyCity Auckland entertainment complex. There you’ll discover an entertainment hub made up of two luxury hotels, premier dining with over 20 restaurants and bars, a 700-seat theatre and a glittering world-class casino.


It was a long journey to the top. As with Rome, this incredible skyline feature wasn’t built in a day. Construction began way back in 1994 but it was a few more years before the final lightbulb was fitted. After three full years, the SkyCity Tower officially opened its doors to the public on 3 August 1997. From the very first day it became an instant landmark. If you say Auckland, even if you say New Zealand, people’s minds immediately snap toward an image of the SkyCity Tower.  


The Tower is currently the 27th tallest tower in the world, so it’s unsurprising that a ranking like that attracts a crowd. On an average day, just about 1,150 people pay a visit to the site. If you’re quick with maths then you already know that totals over 415,000 individuals per year. And it’s definitely worth the trek because going all the way to the top will reward you with a breathtaking view of Auckland’s majestic skyline.

Light it up

Apart from its unique design and spectacular height, the SkyCity Tower also supports a range of lighting possibilities. The entire length of the tower is capable of spectacular illumination. But it’s a lot more than just light or dark, the options extend to a range of alluring colours. And these are more than just pretty, they cast a light in support and recognition of a number of great causes and important occasions.